About Krueger Projects

At Krueger Shopfitters l Projects we embrace the spirit of your business without compromising the strength of ours. We work tirelessly to exceed your expectations at every step.

Why Choose Krueger?

A pioneer and esteemed player in contemporary shopfitting, with over 30 years experience in the industry, Krueger Shopfitters l Projects are proud to be one of the few Australian shopfitters to boast our own local manufacturing facility. 

For us, top-notch joinery and production are a given.  We have proven ourselves as a leader in the industry. Led by Brett Krueger, our team of expert tradespeople craft artisan fit-outs with absolute precision.

Brett himself is a qualified registered builder and a masterful Project Manager. With a commitment to keep communication flowing from our initial concept development and review to our production and installation delivery, Brett and the team make your experience seamless.


Our Brand Values

Our spirit and determination to deliver superior product and trusted service are embodied in the detail of every project we craft.

From inception to delivery, our knowledge and passion shine through as we work to capture your brand’s intricacies, whilst remaining true to ours.

Your Krueger Contacts

We at Krueger Shopfitters l Projects offering is tailored to provide you with a high-end finished product that truly reflects your brand.