can you provide me with a budget cost?

A very popular and complex question!

The answer is yes, absolutely… we can provide you with a budget if you can provide us with a set of rough plans and a finishes schedule!

Finishes schedules assist and can alter everything in a budget. For example the budget with no proposed finishes schedule may reflect a $100 per square meter finish but the selected finish may be $400 per square meter.

Without providing enough information, we have heard stories from clients of budgets being submitted to them on the lower side so the costs  look attractive and achievable but this may not be the case.

We will recognize the information provided to us, discuss any current or potential issues with you and always take an honest, transparent approach. Sometimes the honest approach isn’t loved and we understand this approach isn’t for everyone but nor is paying $600,000 for a fit out that you thought would be around $300,000 based on the budget!

Make sure that you provide enough information to ensure that your expectations are met and gain the most accurate budget possible.

We won’t ever give you false expectations. We care about your brand.